Fastsite site builder — Cetera Labs new product at the base of Cetera CMS and Fast start development methodology. Fastsite give you an opportunity to start website in 1 minute.


  1. Corporate website.
  2. Digital mass media.
  3. Ecommerce.


  1. Create individual website design or module with Fastsite author. We create design kit or functional feature for fixed price.
  2. We provide opportunity to exclude your website from our bulider and install it singly. At the traffic increase situation you can move your website to the private and powerfull server. You have no need to use Fastsite forever, but Fastsite helps you to create website in minutes.
  3. Free of charge. All modules are available in free version. The same features in all editions of the builder.
  4. You can pay for our additional services and earn money with our affiliate program.
  5. All our default website UI are adaptive for mobile devices.
  6. Website promotion tools are integrated to the builder. And we can help you to advertise your products and services online.


Fastsite is free. Additional services may apply.


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