Digital media


Edition help to create various types of digital mass media:

  1. Digital newspaper or magazine.
  2. TV-channel website.
  3. Blog.
  4. Photo gallery.

To create a website with the opportunity to sell paper or digital publications we recommend to use webshop version of our system. To create a publishing house website we recommend to use corporate website edition.

Create digital mass-media View demo




  1. Publish 5 content types:
    1. News
    2. Articles
    3. Events
    4. Video
    5. About (standart type, like in corporate website edition).
  2. Photo galleries.
  3. SEO module.
  4. Integration with search engines and counters.
  5. Maillist.
  6. Search.
  7. Archive with calendar.
  9. Social media integration (Facebook, Twitter, VK, etc).
  10. Adaptive web-design, full compatibility with mobile devices.
  11. Opportunity to change website design.
  12. 1 Gb space for files.
  13. Embed any advertising and partners banners, blocks and code of any type.
  14. And many other features.

Edition give an opportunity to create and develop digital massmedia of any size.

Screenshots in default web-design

* Web-design is a subject of changing and development in embedded themes editor.

Default** website map

** Map could be changed in structure management module. Default news index copied from Yandex News aggregator.

  • Home page
    • News
    • Articles
    • Afisha
    • Video
    • Categories
      • Top
      • Economy
      • Finance
      • Industry
      • Transport
      • Local
      • Science
      • Culture
      • Sport
      • Technology
      • Politics
      • Religion
    • About
      • Editorial board
      • Advertize with us
      • Media kit
      • Support

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